The Giver Quartet

Lois Lowry’s quartet about a utopian society was kindly lended to me by a devoted fan of the series and I binge read the first three books in three days (granted they are pretty short) but I struggled with the last one and it took me about two weeks to finish it. The story is so unique and well thought out, it is a modern classic and I am so glad I read the books because the film does not do them justice.

The first book wasn’t as interesting to me simply because I’ve seen the film and knew the story but I still enjoyed it. The second and the third book were my favourite in the series and I was devastated by the ending of the third one (I won’t spoil it for you, just go and read the books). The last book was a big disappointment to me because I felt like some parts of it could easily have been deleted since they didn’t play a big part in the story.

Overall this series is one of the best I’ve read, though the books are relatively short, they are packed with so many hidden messages and such a depth of emotions. The world potrayed in the books terrified me because I can easily see it as being our future version of reality. The characters were so charming and easily lovable – Gabriel and Jonas and Kira are such complex and wonderful characters, I wish I could read more about them.

The last book sort of ruined the series for me, because I was so impressed by the others but I still gave it a pretty high rating on Goodreads simply because we get to see more of our beloved characters. But I do wish the author would’ve written it diferently. I am tempted to watch the film again but I know it will spoil the book for me so I probably won’t.

The Giver quartet is a true masterpiece and a modern classic and I highly recommend it to everyone, not just to those who enjoy reading YA and distopian novels because it carries a universal message. I only hope that we don’t end up living in a similar world.

Best reading week ever

It’s Saturday morning and I managed to read 2 whole books this week plus finish 2 from last week and I’m planning on reading the fifth one in one sitting today so I start on my number six tomorrow. Did I lock myself in my room or something? Did I move to the middle of the forest or somewhere likewise remote? Nope. I decided to blow off uni for the rest of the week and so I had plenty of time to read.

Funny thing about reading this much – it makes me even more anxious and willing to read. I keep thinking about books (even more than normally) and if I don’t have a book in my hands I literally get nervous. But it’s the good kind of excitement (so far at least). I’m also cat-sitting my sister’s cats Zoya and Oscar this weekend and yesterday little Oscar slept in my lap while I was reading. It was so adorable.

Which books am I binge reading, you ask? The Giver series. I read the first part on Thursday, the second part yesterday and I’m planning on reading the third book today (I haven’t started yet by the way) and so tomorrow I can get to the fourth book. It’s really, really good. They’re not my favourite books and so I don’t adore them (probably because they’re not fantasy novels), but they are still insanely good and the plot twists make my head spin. The only thing that bothers me is the lenght, they are about 200-250 pages long and even though that makes them a quick read, I wish they were a bit longer and more descriptive.

Earlier this week I finished listening to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on audio and I started missing Hogwarts terribly but since I have so many books on my physical TBR pile I decided to stop there and not pick up the third book. I’m saving it for tough times. Then I finished reading Power of Three by Diana Wynne Jones and again I really liked it but didn’t love it as much as I expected it. I’m afraid I already read all the best of her work and now I’ll only be disappointed by her other novels. I hate this feeling.

Besides reading I went to the cinema twice this past week. Black Panther was totally amazing because the story was a bit different than your usual superhero plot twist. It instantly became my favourite Marvel film although Iron Man still is my sweetheart because I just love Robert Downey Jr. I also watched The Post which was totally different but likewise amazing. Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks are such talented actors, the only thing that bothered me was the fact that I didn’t quite understand all the background of the story, the politics, but I was still able to follow the story.

Since I’m getting anxious again (no book in my hands) I’ll finish here and start reading. Later in the day I’ll visit the cats again and hopefully they’ll be in a petting mood. I might actually manage to read 10 books this month. That would be a first!