I confess to being a bookworm

For today’s post I was inspired by the lovely Imogen from BookSundays (you can check out her youtube channel and Instagram account) because she posted a video called Confessions of a Reader where she shared some bookish facts about her. I absolutely loved that video and so I decided to share some confessions of my own.

  1. Even though I adore hardbacks and mostly buy books with hardback covers because they look the prettiest on my shelves, I secretly find paperbacks the easiest to hold in my hands and read.
  2. I’m a huge sucker for romance. Not romance novels, just love stories in general. In almost every book I read I try to find that one love story I adore and look forward to seeing how it progresses.
  3. My reading progress is super slow because I love to take my time reading a book and admiring how it is written. Also I want to immerse myself fully into the world of the book I am currently reading which cannot be done if I only skim through it.
  4. I create my own world around every book I read – I have tons of fanfiction inside my head. Tons.
  5. Having too many books on my physical TBR pile makes me super nervous.
  6. I adore fantasy above all but my secret ideal book is a combination of fantasy, drama, adventure and romance.
  7. I have several fictional boyfriends.
  8. When I compare myself to fictional characters I always find my life horrifyingly boring. So what I do is I read more.
  9. I might prefer reading to writing.
  10. Even though I know this only makes me feel bad, I constantly compare my reading challenge to others and it kills me to see other people read more than I do.
  11. Recommending books to my friends is great and I don’t mind lending them my own but whenever they take too much time to return them I tend to get anxious.
  12. I cry a lot while reading. But I also laugh out loud a lot.
  13. When I’m out in public I often feel embarrased by what I’m currently reading, like fantasy books aren’t “good enough” and I should be reading the classics.
  14. I’m not a fan of classical literature. I do understand why it’s important but I find that often people who say they adore classical literature only say that because they want to appear smart and well-educated. And when they say that, I just want to scream at their faces: read what you love, people!
  15. Often when I meet up with friends I don’t have anything to say because I’m practically living in the world of the book I’m currently reading and so that’s all I can think about.
  16. I love buying books for my friends. It’s like the ultimate sign of my affection towards them.
  17. I would love to start a bookclub but my friends either don’t read or they read other genres so it would be hard to pick a book that would suit everyone.
  18. I don’t understand poetry. I wish I did.
  19. When I don’t bring a book with me I tend to regret it so I try to always have a book in my backpack whenever I leave the house. Especially when I have to drive my grandma to the doctors. I’ll only get burned once.
  20. The part I dislike most in books, is the beginning. The first fifty pages are there just to set the mood but the real joy starts after that.