Keepers by Sacha de Black

Saving the world is easy: all Eden has to do is die.

Seventeen-year-old Eden East’s life is perfect… until her soul is bound to her worst nightmare. Then her parents are brutally murdered, and everyone’s a suspect, including her best friend.

As her world spirals out of control, a charismatic Siren, from a past she can’t remember, returns offering help, hope, and a heap of distractions.

Eden must put aside her grief to solve the mystery of her parents’ murder. In a race against time, can she break the binding to her enemy before he destroys her and her world? 

Three lives. 
Two murdered parents. 
One deadly choice.

(blurb taken from Goodreads)


Disclaimer: a free copy of this book was kindly sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

This book was AMAZING. I cannot express how much I loved it and how I wished it were longer. The characters were rich and complex and had such detailed and well script backgrounds (which is not often the case with YA) that I couldn’t help falling madly in love with them. The ending sort of broke my heart a little because there is a HUGE PLOT TWIST but I loved every second of it.

The first thing I noticed while reading this book was how well the author created the world in which the story is set. Basically the country is divided into sections or smaller countries and each has its own peculiarities and they were all intriguing, I loved reading about them and wanted to learn more. I think Sacha de Black did a lot of research and it shows in the quality of her writing.

The characters were so lovable and complex, they weren’t just goody goodies but they also struggled a lot. Trey had a great background story, he was so interesting and I loved reading about him, I started swooning every time his name was mentioned. Eden’s was a very brave character and I really admired her for it. I wasn’t a huge fan of Victor, much less Evelyn but I did love the side characters and felt like they were my new best friends.

The romance, oh, the romance. So sweet and gentle and powerful, I absolutely loved it. I rooted for them all the way (I won’t say who because I don’t want to spoil it for you, just go and read the book, it’s really good!). I think this book offers so much it is a must read for fans of YA and fantasy. It’s the best self-published book I’ve come across so far.

The overall story was well structured and balanced. I didn’t like the whole prophecy bit just because it reminded me a bit of Harry Potter and the identity of the main villain was also pretty obvious. The only thing that bothered me was the length of the novel, I really wished it was longer, more descriptive but since it’s the first part of a series I look forward to finding out more about this wonderful and interesting world.

I want to thank the author for gifting me a signed copy of the book, I will treasure it forever and I hope we’ll get to read more about Eden soon. I know I’m dying to find out what happens next!


Author: murmuringletters

A bookish girl in love with stories in all shapes and sizes. Fan of Harry Potter, fantasy literature and Scotland. Collector of tea cups and bookmarks, history enthusiast, believer in fairyland.

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