Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead


There is something wrong with Rose Hathaway; dark thoughts start to haunt her. She is mad at her best friend Lissa for having the freedom to love whomever she chooses while she has to hide her true feelings for Dimitri. Adrian is at Saint Vladimir’s Academy, learning to master spirit with Lissa while keeping an eye on Rose. Rose is seeing ghosts, well, a ghost, her friend Mason, who was killed a few weeks ago and after visiting the royal court where a trial is being held for Victor Dashkov, the visions get worse. Her relationship with Dimitri is getting more intense until it finally, finally reaches a climax. But then… everything changes.

This book is so intense it basically steals your attention, if not at the beginning, then definitely at the end. The final hundred pages are just filled with action and suspense (sounds familiar? Yeah, it’s like that in every VA novel). Rose and Dimitri are falling more and more in love with each other and I just love how they work together and try to hide their feelings but it’s not really working. They are such a great couple and I desperately want them to be together. But then the ending happens and you’re just left there staring at the pages, wondering how this could ever have happened.

The tone of the book is much more serious and darker compared to the first two novels. Rose isn’t a reckless teenager anymore, she’s grown up but the darkness is starting to plague her. We finally learn more about what it means to be shadow-kissed. I found Lissa to be super annoying (once again), especially at the end, I just dislike her privilege life style, her options and the fact that Rose always has to think of her first. Her relationship with Christian is basically the only reason why I sort of like her.

Adrian, ah, I love his character and really hope he’ll get to live his happy ending with someone, just not Rose. Dimitri is the one for her, everyone can see that. The romance was truly great in this book (I wonder why) which is why the ending leaves such a sour taste in your mouth. There is some character development, with Rose especially, but also with Dimitri, who is starting to open up.

The writing style is sort of improving, but still isn’t the best, not by a long shot. The pace of the book is a bit faster, though the major things happen in the second part of the book. The cheesy bits didn’t bother me as much (though the sex scene was just awful) but what I absolutely hated was how the author kept summarising the events of the previous two books. I mean, this is the third part in the series, obviously I didn’t start with this one, I’ve read the first two so I know what happened okay, can you please stop reminding us? I kept rolling my eyes at these parts. Overall I say the series is improving but it’s a bit difficult to read all six books in a row, I need a break before I start the next three.

“Even I make mistakes.” I put on my brash, overconfident face. “I know it’s hard to believe—kind of surprises me myself—but I guess it has to happen. It’s probably some kind of karmic way to balance out the universe. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair to have one person so full of awesomeness.”

Richelle Mead, Shadow Kiss

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