Permanent Rose by Hilary McKay


Permanent Rose is not at all happy. Since Tom left for America, she patiently awaits his letter (every morning she waits for the postman to arrive and every morning she is left empty handed), a phone call (not a single one), a surprise visit (nope), anything at all from her beloved friend. Indigo in the meantime befriends his former enemy David, who isn’t such a bad guy after all. He also reads from Morte D’Arthur which is the first book Rose also enjoys and she draws parallels between Lancelot and Tom. Saffy and Sarah are trying to find out more about Saffy’s father (Sarah thinks he is a rich and handsome Italian) and dear Caddy is engaged to Michael though she doesn’t seem all that happy about it. Eve is a bit upset because Bill lives with his girlfriend in London while she has to paint the walls of the local hospital. A lot is happening at the Casson’s family home and new revelations are about to surprise them all.

The third book in the series reveals that Rose might actually be McKay’s favourite character (or is that just my humble opinion?). She is certainly one of the best written characters I’ve come across. Though the other siblings don’t play such a big part in this book I am happy to report that we finally get more of Caddy! Poor Caddy, she has to face the fact that love is far more complicated than she imagined it. And darling Bill, we finally get to see just who he really is! Eve is just as distracted and loving as always though she has a hard time remembering David’s name. Poor old David, nobody really likes him, Saffy and Sarah think he’s a weirdo and Rose resents him for bullying Indigo and trying to step into Tom’s shoes.

This actually isn’t my favourite book in the series despite being Rose’s but I missed Tom too much to really fall in love with it. Sure, he is ever present, but he isn’t really there and I missed him terribly! David was an interesting fellow and I loved his character development but Tom and Rose and Indigo, well, they are the loveliest. This book is so charming and full of warm sensations, it really pulls you in until you become addicted to the Cassons. Luckily there are three more books left to read!


“I always say a little prayer when I put cakes in the oven,” remarked Eve, as she stopped to kiss Rose good-bye.
“What do you say?”
“I say, ‘Please, God, don’t let me forget I’ve put that cake in the oven.

Hilary McKay, Permanent Rose


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